Cascina Desderi. Beyond the name of a dream

english Jul 29, 2018

Original Italian text: Alessandra Chiappero. English translations: Laura Torta. Video: Andrea Bonventre e Majlend Bramo. 

They know a lot about the history of Italy and of the House of Savoy and they cook really tasty Piedmontese recipes.

Trond Malmer and Roald Noto are the owners of Cascina Desderi in Asti (Frazione Quarto) where a nice porch and a large pool overlook a stretch of vineyards that fade away towards the Maritime Alps.

The name Desderi means desire.

This couple had the great ambition of changing life and turning passions into a job: wine, hospitality and good food.

Norwegians by birth, Trond and Roald lived from a young age and for a long time in Florida.

Passionate about travel, art and gastronomy, after the 2001 global crisis they started looking for new sources of inspiration.

Portugal was the first stop in the Mediterranean, then Spain.

Far from a certain mass tourism that seeks the thrill of cheap alcohol, Trond and Roald have gained awareness of their...

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Can you imagine having a complete hotel for yourself?

english Jun 27, 2017

Text and photos: Roger Hol. Reading time: 3 minutes. 

You will find some helpful links at the end of this article. 

My friend and I decided to go away some days. We both live in and love the beautiful city of Turin.

We wanted to travel to a peaceful part and just relax. The first I could think of was Monforte d`Alba in Le Langhe. 

Such a hidden pearl in this beautiful region Piedmont. Just an hour´s drive from Turin with her motorbike. 

A mix of a modern Italian small town with it´s beautiful mediaeval part! On a hill top with magnificent view over Le Langhe you will find Monforte d`Alba. 

Since I have been there before and always stay in a small boutique hotel, I sent an e-mail to the hotel manager.

Milly at a hotel called Dimora I Manichei responded quite instantly and I booked a room for one night.

She was quite nice also with the check-out times. We could stay till the end of the afternoon the next day. 

Much to my surprise we...

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